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Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 3 – Using Locally Available Products

Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 3 – Using Locally Available Products

"Day 3 started out badly.  Not only did my toddler run a 103 fever all day but my little girl reached a high point in our battle against reflux.  So, we had an impromptu doctors visit.  I tend to not "do cloth" at my doctors because there is always a lot of diaper on and off things have to be done.  Well, this time I had no choice.  I said I would diaper in flats all week and well that's what I'm going to do.  I was amazed by how questioning the staff was about my choice of diapering. Have they really never seen a modern cloth diaper?? 

Ok back to the task at hand. My three goals for this challenge were simple:
#1 use flats instead of my normal stash – CHECK
#2 Wash flats and covers by hand – CHECK
#3 use locally available products – ummm

So far, I've done two of the three but I was dragging my feet when it came to trying the dreaded plastic pant!  First off, it's ridiculous that I live in a major metropolitan area and there isn't a local diaper shop.  I hear there is one about 45 miles away but I don't see me traveling that far for diapers, not when the Internet is so accessible.  I also don't know anyone who has been to said shop and the phone number associated with it doesn't seem to work anymore so, who knows if there is even one still there. 

Of course, I do need to mention that most baby stores carry one brand of cloth diapers.  I can't speak to the quality of these diapers but I'm not a fan of the hybrid diaper and when I examined them, I couldn't for the life of me figure out the reasoning for the weird sling contraption inside.  So for the sake of this discussion, we will discuss flats and covers only. 

The local items I've purchased and added to this week's stash are flour sack towels from the local super store and a dappi diaper cover.  I should mention the cover wasn't obtained locally because I could only find 12-18 month and 2t-3t pants instead of newborn but at least they were available.
So far, the towels have been great.  They are bigger than the ones I got off the net but they work just as good.  I spent 1.57 per from the internet and about .99 cents at Wally world. My only issue is I have a couple towels just like that for my kitchen and I keep getting them mixed up. Embellishment is a must for them. 

I finally put the pant on today and they seem to fit well and haven't leaked. Sure, they bring me back to yesteryear and give me nightmares of parachute pants, but they aren't the worst thing ever. 

Oh yeah and as you can see, they make a ultra adorable "mushroom butt" on my beautiful little girl. And yes, I did get better pics but nothing with as awesome of a smile 🙂 

So I think it is possible to diaper locally.  I know there are people doing fancy things with used sheets and rain coats but I'll stick to my towels and parachute hot pants.  With all three goals completed, what will I talk about tomorrow.  Truthfully, I don't even know but tune in to find out what I dream up." 

Way to go, Eileen!!!  Two more days!!!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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